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Please take a minute to send us an email regarding your need for wholesale. sales @

Once we approve your shop, we will contact you with your wholesale account so you can shop online, or view our products and place your order via email or phone. There are many benefits to processing your wholesale order on-line; our product line will be kept up to date much easier so you can offer your customers our latest & greatest, it will be easy to navigate and place orders, and you can never misplace it! Just fill out the form to the right, and once approved we will set you up with a password and user name so you can log in and shop at the wholesale prices.

If you have any questions about our products and would like to talk with us about special projects for your shop, please don't hesitate to contact us at 917.509.6267

Most of our items are made to order ensuring your shop will carry exclusive products that are truly unique. This means you must order early for the Holiday Season. Please contact us if you would like to have something special made up for your shop.

Thanks for your interest & we hope to work with you in the near future. 
Tracy Mallon
sales @


What are your wholesale prices? 
Once we receive your form, upon approval, you will need to set up a wholesale account on our site. Once you have your account you will be able to sign in and see all products listed at their discounted wholesale prices. We will contact you upon receipt of your form submission and shop approval about the mysteries of our wholesale prices.

What is your minimum order? 
Our minimum order is $200 but we recommend at least $500 if you want to create a nice display, which will in turn sell quicker. Once we have established business with you future orders do not have to meet the minimum requirement.

Can I order a lot of one item? 
Most Sterling items we can make to order so we have unlimited quantities and you'll never get tired of a great design. When we find a design we love we try to share it with as many people as possible, the pieces will vary slightly, but we promise they will all carry the same quality and uniqueness. If you would like a particular product we can work out an arrangement to buy a lot of one material ahead of time and you can custom order a line for your shop. This has great potential and keeps your customers feeling special. Other items, like those with vintage findings or one of a kind designs, we do not mass produce. 

How long does it generally take to receive our wholesale order? 
Well, that depends on how much you order. We generally ask for 1-2 weeks to make and ship your items. If you place a particularly large order it may take a bit longer. But we have arranged to ship half orders as they are completed so you will have something wonderful to sell quicker.

Do you consign? 
We do not take consignments, sorry!

Do you "drop-ship"? 
No, sorry!
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